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- Chickpea Cookie Dough


Packed with protein and sweetened just so, we sometimes eat this one for dinner because, well, we’re adults.


15 oz low-sodium canned chickpeas or 15 oz soaked, cooked, and cooled chickpeas

¼ c nut butter of choice

3 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp almond milk (opt.)

1 tbsp vanilla extract 

½ c chocolate bits

¼ tsp sea salt (opt.)

Drain and rinse chickpeas thoroughly and place all ingredients except for chocolate chips in food processor. Once the mixture has reached a hummus-like texture, add in chocolate chips. Cool in refrigerator or freezer until desired consistency is reached, or eat at room temperature. (Bonus: heat in a mug either in an oven or microwave for a baked cookie-in-a-mug experience.)